There’s an enrollment growth at the University of Turin. New enrollment figures confirm the positive trend with an increase of 8,32% compared to the last academic year 2015/2016.

There are 15.365 new enrolled students in 3-year or 5-year degree courses, but their number is bound to grow. In fact, the repêchages for Medicine, Health Professions, Veterinary Medicine and Primary Education are still underway.

There’s a high increase especially in the number of students enrolled in the economic and juridical field, with 3630 new students (+ 13,7%) and in the humanistic courses, with a growth of 6220 students (about + 11%). They are followed by the scientific field, with 3853 new freshmen (about +4,7 %), while the health field remains stable with 1662 enrollments.
The elimination of limited enrolment from a number of university courses and the introduction of new courses in the ICT (Information Communication Technology) field certainly helped to raise enrollments.

The figures, which are constantly growing, confirm the commitment of the University to foster courses, that fit into the changes in the society and in the labour market. These figures are paying back the effort, made to eliminate the limited number in many courses and to ensure more access and right to education”, says Chancelor Gianmaria Ajani. “New freshmen have found in the University of Turin a way to come into contact with the most innovative companies, which are active in international markets and in sciences and technologies. The significant increase in new students enrolment and the good response to the activation of new courses, also in English, are a positive and concrete answer to the assessment of the policies on education that have been implemented“.