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Studying in the libraries of your faculty or in the local study halls is the best choice to make the most of your time: a better place to chat with other students and meet new friends during your breaks.






EDISU | Study HallsStudy Halls

The study rooms made available by EDISU Piemonte – The Regional Office for the Right to Higher Education – close to the university classes, are the ideal place to meet other students between classes and during the exams period. Study halls provide free Wi-fi access.

Sala studio Castelfidardo 30/A |  Sala studio Pietro Giuria 17 | Sala studio Verdi 26 | Sala studio Michelangelo Buonarroti 17/BIS |




MSZ | Study HallsMurazzi Student Zone

It is the multi-functional area between the Murazzi del Po arches 30 and 38 and an international meeting point for university students. During the day it is a study hall, an info centre, a library with free wi-fi connection and cafeteria, in the evening it turns into a place suitable for cultural events, art exhibitions and events organized by students and local students’ associations engaged in artistic, cultural and social activities.




Campus Universitario diffuso

18 sites and more then 2300 sits widespread throughout the City of Turin, where students can study safely having Wi-Fi, water, electrical sockets and much more available, all thanks to the collaboration between the City of Turin, Edisu Piemonte, University of studies and Polytechnic of Turin. You will find all the info on places and times here.




CLE | Study HallsUniversity Libraries

Each University includes its own department library, wi-fi free, where you can consult and borrow didactic and scientific books for free. Here you can find all the Libraries and the Catalogues of Università and Politecnico.

Università di Torino | Politecnico di Torino |Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi |




National Library | Study HallsNational University Library

The National University Library (Biblioteca nazionale universitaria in Italian) in Turin, Italy, is one of the country’s main libraries. It was founded in 1720 as the Royal University Library by Victor Amadeus II, who unified collections from the library of the University of Turin and from the library of the Dukes of Savoy. It was renamed as the National Library in 1872, after Italian unification. At present time it owns over 763,833 books, 1,095 periodicals and 1,600 incunabula.

Website | Opening Hours




Torino Libraries | Study HallsTorino Libraries

Most of the Piedmont Libraries are located in town. On Catalogo Online you can find the books available and where the volumes are located. Here you can find the list.





Biblioteca del Polo of the 20th century

The Biblioteca del Polo’s archives contain about 900 documents related to the history of the 20 th century. In
addition to the library, there is a reading room which is also used as a study hall.
For information on working hours visit the website