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Getting around Turin couldn’t be easier! You can choose public transports such as the new metro, the bicycle or the car to reach any destination in Turin.







GTT public transports

The subway connects Collegno (West) and Lingotto (South) with the city centre going through Porta Nuova and Porta Susa railway stations. A single ticket lets you travel for up to 90 minutes and you are able to access to the other public transports, it is also valid for a one-way subway and its price is 1,50 €. The Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT) offers students some facilitations and weekly or annual (academic year) subscriptions in order to access to urban, extra-urban transports and metro. Prices and points of sale to buy tickets and subscriptions are available on the GTT website. You will be able to calculate the most convenient route to reach every destination you need.

Public transport by night

“Night Buster” is a GTT night-time public transports service. Its 10 lines are operative on Fridays, on Saturdays and days before holidays from 0.30 am to 4.30 a.m.. You can use your daily seasonal ticket. Safety is guaranteed by the cameras and the staff. Lines and itineraries here



Bicycle [TO]Bike

[TO]Bike is the Bike Sharing service in Turin. As student you can rent a bike for a half hour for free from different stations by subscribing a card (daily to annual). At the end of your ride you are allowed to bring it back at any station. Moreover you can download the [TO]Bike App for more information. Website 





Electric scooters

Starting from December 2019, electric scooters are available in Torino. Eight different apps,
with different prices, are in charge of rentals: Bird BITmobility Circ dott Helbiz Hive Lime Tier
Riding electric scooters is not allowed in pedestrian zones. Rules of behaviour




If you need a taxi you have to dial the following numbers 0115737 Centrale Pronto Taxi o 0115730 Centrale Radio Taxi, operating 24 hours a day.




Car Sharing

If you need a car you can use Enjoy, Car2go or Mimoto.These services offer you a lot of advantages: driving in ZTL (Zona Traffico Limitato, restricted traffic zone) areas (excluded ZTL Valentino), parking in paid admission areas for free, driving also on “Targhe Alterne” days (use of a car allowed in alternate days depending on the days number plate) and paying according to time and fuel used. Policy insurance, stamp duty and car maintenance are included.



Get to the airport

If you have to fly, you can reach the airport by bus, or shuttle or train. Go to the link getting to Turin by airplane to reach your terminal in the easiest way.