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Are you searching for an accommodation in Turin? Here you can find all the information you need about hostels, for a short stay, or university residences, with some useful advice for renting apartment .






Short staytomato-backpackers-hotel

If you need a temporary accommodation you can choose an hostel, such as the Ostello Torino, the Tomato or the Open 011. Some hotels offer non-resident students discounted rates, such as the 58 rooms of Sharing Hotel Residence, (some of these are equipped for the disabled people).

You can carry out a detailed research on this website.




Long stay 

In order to organize your stay in Turin you can choose among different solutions. You can apply for a University residence, or a private residence. You can also consider to rent an apartment or a room, by regularizing your contract with the owner: there will be many advantages for both.


University residencesResidenze universitarie

EDISU Piemonte (Ente Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio), offers non-resident students, who are enrolled full-time and winners of a scholarship, the opportunity to stay in one of the university residences (Torino, Alessandria, Cuneo, Novara, Vercelli).

You can access to this service according to some criteria such as income and credits, you can read the complete rules on the announcement (bando) on EDISU website, where you can find and apply for a suitable residence. This service offers different solutions: Posti Letto a Pagamento (beds for a fee) for university students (with different rates according to income and credits) and Accomodation by reservation for a short stay and solutions for students engaged in a university research project or for international mobility (Erasmus).


University boarding school Einaudi residences

Einaudi annually publishes a competition announcement in order to access to its five residences in Turin. The accommodation (mostly in single room with common areas, such as bathrooms and kitchen or library) is assigned according to a merit ranking, which selects students according to credits and family income.    Website
Call fo admissions for the academic year 2019/2020 here.


Campus Lingotto 

The Campus Lingotto is a private residence managed by C.E.U.R (Centro Europeo Università e Ricerca) which can host up to 200 students in single or double rooms, 4 rooms are equipped for disabled people. In order to access to the Campus it is necessary to apply for a competition announcement and to pass an admission test. Website



Sharing Hotel Residence 

The Sharing initiative was created in 2011 to meet the students needs who want to stay in Turin. Albergo Sociale                offers 122 rooms with different controlled rates according to the period of time. there are three possibilities of                     residence: Sharing Hotel, Campus San Paolo, Cascina Fossata. Website





     Buena Vista Social Housing 

       Social Club is an association for social and sport promotion which manages some apartments in the buildings of             ex Parco Olimpico. Ten of these apartments are available to non-resident university students.  Website




     Casa Oasi

       Casa Oasi is a project managed by Arco Foundation, it offers students the opportunity to stay in double rooms and         common spaces for studying, cooking, sport and relax. Website





   AlloggiAMI is an initiative, which involves the area Mirafiori: the residents can offer apartments or rooms to students     or researchers and in agreement with AlloggiAMI, the local shops offer discounted rates. Website




Co_VicinaTo is an intergenerational cohabitation project which aims to improve the housing opportunities
of people living in situations of poverty. This project is intended for students and workers under 39. Website




San Salvario House

The Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul the Apostles of Turin, in the district of San Salvario, is promoting a
project of temporary housing for young Italians and foreigners, particularly students and workers who wish
to live autonomously or in a community. The social housing of San Salvario offers 14 beds in single, double
and triple rooms; it also offers a service of assistance and support as well as the possibility to live in
communal, intercultural and voluntary experiences. Website



  Enjoy the Difference

  Enjoy the Difference is a project, which thanks to the co-housing formula meets the needs of non-resident students,      searching for an accommodation. Moreover it offers disabled students a better chance to improve their everyday life.
Students must:
– Be between 19 and 30 years old
– Be enrolled and currently attending Università degli Studi di Torino, either in Turin or in Savigliano
-Have earned at least 50% of necessary college credits
– Have the intention and the possibility of living in the flat for a year
– Be open to supervisory meetings and to exchange their views with other people. No care assistant
skills are required, since ETD flat mates have no care responsibilities.     Website


Casa Sant’Anna

Casa Sant’Anna is a Turin-based facility that hosts women over 18 who study at the university or work. It is
located not far from Porta Nuova station. For admission, please contact the Head Office. Website





Centro universitario Villa San Giuseppe

In order to stay at Villa San Giuseppe, each student is required to enter the Internationalis Ordo Villae Sancti Iosephi (IOVSJ). The fee includes meals at the cafeteria inside the building, a soccer field, a gym, a games room, reading rooms, study rooms with computers, libraries, a laundry service, a TV room and a meeting room. Website





Renting an apartment in Torino

The Internet network provides the best updated tool to find a roommate or an accommodation. Social groups and advertisements links (,,, etc.) provide contacts with the house tenants and other possible students willing to share an apartment. The university notice boards are very useful, in fact everyday students put new announcements, that are particularly useful to find an accommodation close to your university. Before renting an apartment you have to get informed about your rights. Distrust from contratto in nero (illegal contracts) and control that a contract for university students is offered. You will be guaranteed and the owner will benefit from significant taxes relief, here you can find useful information, read carefully and check if your landlord has agreed.


Cercoalloggio – Official housing website for students

If you choose a solution in the real estate market, EDISU offers a free service of counseling, which will help you with the research and signing the contract. You can visit the online database and service. Website





   StessoPiano, house sharing

The StessoPiano service promotes house sharing among young people from 18 to 35 years old and puts them in              contact with the owners. The aim is to guarantee legal contracts, that can be very beneficial to both parties and the            opportunity to obtain a Prestito d’onore in order to support the costs.  Website  


   Sportello Abitare Giovani

     Abitare Giovani is an info point for young people, who are searching an accommodation in Turin. You can find all the            information about the services and the initiatives of the town, such as the C.A.S.A project., which can offer students       residing in Turin a loan up to 3.500 €



Housing Anywhere

There is an international platform for international students, borned to help you to find your house or room! The international student housing platform is Housing Anywhere.