THE IAAD (Institute of Applied Arts and Design) CONTEST – PARATISSIMA 2015

6TH November 2015 – 7 pm

Torino Esposizioni
Corso Massimo d’Azeglio, 15

On the occasion of the eleventh edition of Paratissima, IAAD presents the YOUNG CREATIVE TALENT NIGHT contest.

On Friday, 6th November 2015, from 7 pm to 9 pm, 10 young selected designers will face each other and compete presenting to the public a series of projects based on the theme of the event: “Order or Chaos?” .

Rather than give an answer, students are expected to analyse and understand the relationship between these two apparently opposite concepts. Without order there is no chaos and without chaos there would be no order: this connection is the basis of the universe and, even though on a small scale, it plays a key role in the creative process too.

This is what the talent of a designer is measured by: its ability to translate the chaos generated by the so-called brainstorming into something tangible, which can be used as a target and is therefore able to communicate.

The selected students will present ambitious ideas that do not choose between order and chaos, but who can summarize the chaotic principle of ideas translating it into an innovative project created outside the conventional schemes that can generate order.
And therefore chaos.