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The city of Turin has always been careful and sensitive to issues related to Equal opportunities and LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals) subjects, through a collaboration network among bodies, institutions and several associations of the territory. Also the University doesn’t make any exception with the presence of different associations, taking part to several events, and the sponsorship of Università degli Studi and Politecnico di Torino for the most important events, such as Turin Gay Pride and TdoR.


double university record book

Since 2003, in Turin University system, students who are starting a transgender change, have been able to get a double record book. This allows students, who have not finished their courses yet, to get a new record book with the chosen names, besides the one with the official personal data, as registered by the Municipality Registry Office. Thanks to a strong collaboration with the Coordinamento Torino Pride,  Università di Torino, has been the first place in Italy to recognize this right ( click here for the guidelines) followed by Politecnico di Torino (find out more about it here.



universities for the Pride

From 2014, Università di Torino e Politecnico have supported Torino Pride by sponsorship for the promotion of the event and the principles connected with it. Through dialogue with student associations and Coordinamento Torino Pride, the growing attention of the city and universities, have showed year by year increased participation. In 2015, on the Torino Pride occasion, a new logo, “Everybody is welcome – Study in Torino”, has been created to represent the Municipality, University and Politecnico agreement.



university associations

In Turin three University associations, LGBT, Identità Unite,

Altereva, Giosef, work actively with other city realities.

Identità unite

“Identità Unite, born on March 27th 2014, is the first occasion completely dedicated to omosexual/transsexual subjects of Università di Torino. Identità Unite promotes projects and initiatives aimed at making public and universities aware of LGBTQI topics and commits itself to create a more respectful spirit towards diversity.”


The union AlterEva was created after student mobilization in 2008. Since that event, its mission is to create training and practical paths on these subjects.


GIOSEF-UNITO: Giovani Senza Frontiere – Università di Torino is a Turin-based student association, whose main target is to promote human rights, intercultural diversity and non-discrimination principles.



Turin municipality LGTB service

Since 2001, according to Servizio Pari Opportunità della Città di Torino, LGTB Service has been established to overcome discriminations, based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The aim of this service is to promote the LGTB rights guarantee, inform and make people aware, through cultural initiatives, give training chances, educational and against homophobia activities, dedicated to the young and schools, collaborate with associations and local, regional, national and European bodies.



coordination Pride Torino Piedmont

The Coordination Torino Pride LGBT is a network of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) associations operating in the Piedmont region, along with non-LGBT organizations, working in support of the values of the secularism, respect and valorisation of gender differences. Coordination Torino Pride LGBT promotes annually, besides the Pride Day (June 28th), the celebration of the “World Day Against Homophobia” (May 17) and the “TDOR-Transgender Day of Remembrance” (November 20).





friendly Piedmont

Studyintorino joined the campaign FRIENDLY PIEMONTE.OMOFOBIA No Thanks, sponsored by the City of Turin, organized by the association LGBT, social promotion Quore. It is a campaign targeted to tour operators and exhibitors, to spread the culture of respect for gender differences, fight homophobia and to make the Piedmont Area even more welcoming.