admissions tests

TARM (Test for the assessment of minimum requirements) is aimed at all students who wish to
enroll on a free-access undergraduate course or on the single-cycle postgraduate course in Law. In
the academic year 2021/2022, the test will be provided through the TOLC online test of CISIA (a
non-profit group that gives universities embedded systems to assess students’ knowledge and let
them access university courses). See our constantly updated schedules on
! Remember !

 Check our TOLC call for tender, which will be published on by April 2021,
to know more about deadlines and admissions

 Register for TOLC on CISIA website: you will be allowed to choose when, where and
which TOLC test you wish to take depending on the available dates

 You will be asked to pay a 30-euro tax

 For 2021/2022 enrollments, the TOLC tests required by your university course and all tests
taken starting from 1 st January 2020 are also valid

 You can take the same TOLC test several times but no more than once a month

 Do you need further information? Have a look at UniTo’s website!