urban nature

Urban Nature is ready to spread all over Italian cities and parks. In 2018 the event will take place on Sunday 7th October and will be entirely about urban nature. With this event, WWF Italy wants to invite citizens to explore the cities they live in, getting to know and “rebuilding” the biodiversity of Italian big cities.

On the side of the little ones

This year the event wants to point out the effects of an artificialized lifestyle on children, starting also from the proposals of young people, which want to give value to the urban biodiversity and conceive solutions to be proposed to managers, communities, citizens, companies, universities and schools.

The topic of Urban Nature 2018 comes from an alarming observation: our cities are not designed for children. About 80% of urban public space is occupied by car traffic and this isolates children in city parks, the only areas that are protected and suitable for them, even though they are often too little and badly-kept.

It’s exactly very young citizens, especially the more underprivileged ones, who need a constant contact with nature. In fact, there are many studies which demonstrate how the presence of green areas in residential districts is fundamental to ensure the psycho-physical well-being of children and the way they relate to others. Therefore, improving from this point of view means improving the quality of childhood in cities.

Citizens are the main characters

The section of the website of WWF Italy about Urban Nature shows the initiatives and activities which want to make citizens the main characters of this big festival of urban biodiversity: In fact, each of us can do something for the nature in the city every day. Find out how to contribute, starting from the building of a little birdhouse!

Urban Nature in Turin

Sunday 7th October, also Turin will invite all the citizens to the biodiversity festival. WWF YOUng, a community of young people between 18 and 35 years old who have nature and a sustainable future at heart, invite everyone at the Parco del Valentino (Viale Mattioli) for the event of WWF Urban Nature in Turin. The scheduled activities are rich and biodiverse. From 2 to 6 pm will take place the market of aromatic plants and educational laboratories for children. From 3pm, with the kids of WWF YOUng, will start a cleaning marathon of the Parco del Valentino, followed by the “Guerrilla Gardening” with seed bombs.