The new Unito Erasmus call is online and it addresses students who want to spend a period of international mobility during their own university career.
Information about the publication of the destinations available for the academic year 2022-2023 and the date of the opening of the application form to be made through MyUniTo will be provided shortly.

In order to learn more about Erasmus Studio mobility it is possible to participate in the online information meetings during which
 the International Mobility and Didactics Section deepens and illustrates the contents of the
Erasmus call (destinations, courses, administrative requirements, suggestions, etc.)
 the "Polo Internationalization Services" offices, with the possible participation of teachers,
present the specifications provided by Appendix I of the Erasmus for Study call.
Starting from Monday, December 13 and divided by Department, there will be several information
meetings whose calendar you can find here.

The meetings will be held online on the Webex platform. To connect, simply access the link provided for your own department.
After clicking on the meeting link, it is recommended that you access the meeting by clicking on "Open
Cisco Webex Meeting" (do not access from the Browser). We kindly ask you to identify yourself with
your first and last name.
You will be able to access video conferencing from 5 minutes before the start of the meetings. To
facilitate the transmission of audio and video of those who are speaking at that time, all to facilitate the
transmission of audio and video of who is speaking at that moment, all participants must turn off the
microphone and video camera.