22 “summer locations” will be hosting Torino a Cielo Aperto, a rich programme of events spanning the whole area of Torino with the aim of inviting citizens to reclaim their public spaces and city parks after the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 healthcare emergency.
The project consists of 22 “summer locations” run by several cultural associations with the support of the City of Torino.
Events will be organized in full accordance with the new dispositions in the latest decree signed by the Prime Minister, in order to assure the audience a completely safe attendance and full peace of mind during all activities.

During Torino a Cielo Aperto open-air spaces, public gardens and parks, areas surrounding museums and recreation centres, squares, balconies and courtyards will become the ideal setting for live shows and performances, music, cinema, theatre, lab activities, meetings, wellness practice, listening sessions, guided tours, multicultural dinners, yoga sessions at sunset, but also for walks in the park, experimentations, walkscapes, educational talks, cabaret shows, animation and visual art productions, post-synch activities, workshops, DJ lessons, storytelling and seminars. They will turn into places where we can all enjoy community life again, still physically distant from each other but all closely knit together as a community while spending an
entertaining summer in our city.