On Monday, November 28, at 10:00 am, at the Great Hall of Cavallerizza Reale (Via Verdi, 9 – Torino), there will be the ceremony of inauguration of the Academic Year 2016/2017 of the University of Turin.

Rector Gianmaria Ajani, General Director Loredana Segreto, and Irene Raverta, President of the Student Council of the University of Turin will take part in the ceremony. Tito Boeri of the Bocconi University, INPS President, will deliver the inaugural lecture.

University, innovation and new jobs are the topics of the Inauguration of the Academic Year 2016/2017 of the University of Turin. University education works on a long-term vision, by linking its action to the research, that is the main driver of innovation. As well as addressing social and economic issues, the University of Turin must be able to identify the challenges of delevoped societies, in order to help define responses in terms of solutions and skills of its graduates. The skills for new jobs are the core issue of the Academic year’s inauguration of the University, which wants to have a more and more active relationship towards the territories.

In the afternoon (at 2.30 pm), some researchers of the Univeristy will take part in the panel discussion, moderated by Germano Paini, including Tito Boeri, Federico Butera of the IRSO Foundation, Marco Mancini, Minister of Education, Universities and Research, Mario Rasetti of ISI Foundation and Paul Sestito of Bank of Italy.