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If you need to contact student representatives of your course, local students, student associations and volunteers organizations, in this section you can find all the useful information. 






University bodies

The Università degli studi di Torino provides student representatives, who are elected by the lists of student associations. Politecnico di Torino includes also a Student Council.

UNITO polito



University student organizations

Legally recognised student organizations have to be enrolled at Università degli Studi di Torino or Politecnico di Torino.





Politecnico’s Indian Students Association di Torino (PISA) | website 





IRAN | Student Associations


Iranian Students’ Association of Polytechnic University of Turin | ISAPUT





Cina | Student Associations


Associazione degli studenti e studiosi Cinesi del Politecnico di Torino | CSSA.Polito |






Camerun | Student Associations


Association des Etudiants Camerounais de Turin | AECT |






Pakistan | Associazioni Studentesche


Organization of Pakistani Students | O.P.S. |







Sofarae Assalam |






Brasile | Associazioni Studentesche


Warà |







sito web






ESN – The Erasmus Student Network

ESN Torino is a non-profit organization, which promotes mobility and cultural exchange. Its main mission is to support international students who are studying in Torino – encouraging their integration in the local community – and to offer support to Italian students when they are about to leave for their exchange programs.. Emailwebsite





Voluntary job

Voluntary work is an interesting experience, several organizations promote and support initiatives in every field and you can choose the most suitable activity for you! For more information you can contact these following service centres: Idea Solidale e Vssp.