In May and June “La Settimana della Scienza” festival is back: two months full of events to bring the public closer to science. The Università degli Studi di Torino organizes many of them:
– May 11 th : PorteAperte @NICO  – Understand our brain in order to cure it
– May 14 th /May 15 th /June 5 th : Così piccoli, così straordinari – A four-stops journey to discover the amazing world of microorganisms
– May 16 th /May 22 nd /May 28 th : Indovina chi abitava qui? – A nice walk through the houses of the Turinese scientists of the past in the       streets of San Salvario neighborhood.
– May 17 th : Tombola periodica – The perfect way to find out about the periodic table of Mendeelev
– May 18 th : Porte aperte a Veterinaria – A tour in the veterinary university campus of Grugliasco (TO)
– May 18 th : INRIM open day & metrology night
– May 18 th : Notte dei Musei 2019
– May 23rd/ May 31st : Teatro e Scienza all’Università