The 74th edition of the National University Championships, in their spring session, which should have taken place in Turin from 22 to 31 May 2020, was postponed to a date to be decided.The decision was made by the CUSI (Italian University Sports Center), represented by President Antonio Dima, and the Turin University Sports Center, represented by President Riccardo D’Elicio, as organizing body, following the persistence of the emergency linked to the Coronavirus epidemic present in our country, taking into account the measures issued by the state administration and by local authorities. These are the words of the Turin President: “It is an inevitable choice given the dramatic situation that is being faced in Italy and throughout the world. University sport can only respect and share the decisions taken by institutions, given the exceptional nature of the facts and the importance of individual responsibilities. This event would bring to our city over 4 thousand participants from all over Italy, including athletes, technicians and accompanying managers, engaged in 21 different disciplines. I continue to be convinced that sport will be one of the factors of rebirth after this horrible moment ”.