Points of views”: meetings at DAMS in the occasion of TGLFF – Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

In the occasion of the 31st Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, the Department of Humanities (Studium), together with DAMS and Collettivo Identità Unite of Università di Torino, Coordinamento Torino Pride and TGLFF present “Punti di vista: cultura, politica e società GLBTQ”.  This is a three meeting course on themes regarding GLBTQ policy and culture.

Every meeting consists of a specific point of view from which look at GLBTQ world, at its presence and contribution in our national culture.

Meetings will take place at Auditorium “Quazza” of Università di Torino (Palazzo Nuovo, Via Sant’Ottavio, 20 – Torino) from 5 to 9 May 2016.

Meetings are opened to anybody.