The exhibition “Nativity. Masters and young artists of the Accademia Albertina interpret the theme of the New Start” will take place from 20th December, 2016 to 22nd January 2017 at the Pinacoteca Albertina.

The exhibition, curated by Luca Beatrice, Professor of art history and contemporary art Critic, is organized on the occasion of the Christmas period as an opportunity of confrontation between teachers of the main courses of the Accademia Albertina and some outstanding students. This year the Nativity is the theme that students have developed artistically.

Nativity is an exhibition of sixty works that want to interpret the theme of the New Start, taking account of the Catholic roots of our tradition, but also of a secular vision, that is open to cultural diversity and of faith, which is the foundation of civilization and tolerance. Different styles, techniques, languages ​​and means are used: from figurative painting to conceptual art, from video to installation, from sculpture to photography, from folk art to fine mental expressions and many other solutions, stimulated by varied and unorthodox interpretations of the subject, some more literal, other more free.

The exhibition enables visitors to enjoy the best creative works of the Accademia Albertina – which, particularly in recent years, has been hosting students from all over Italy and from abroad – in a truly international perspective, reflecting a variety of glances, visual creativity and cultures that are the revealers of our time.