“Lessico e Nuvole”- Lexicon and Clouds exhibition is inspired by the project “Lessico e nuvole: le parole del cambiamento climatico” – Lexicon and Clouds: climate change
After the preview at the Science Festival in Genoa, the exhibition will be held at Palazzo del Rettorato palace (Sala Athenaeum, Biblioteca Storica di Ateneo “Arturo Graf”- via Po 17, Torino) from 25 th November to 30 th December 2021.

The climate crisis affects us more and more frequently and more closely and while the news updates us on extreme events in distant regions and in our territories reporting the social, political and economic-financial impacts, we are witnessing an evolution of the language itself, which changes and adapts to accompany the study and communication of the phenomenon.

Starting from the contents of the guide on climate change published by the Università di Torino, the exhibition focuses on the fundamental mechanisms of language that contribute to the construction of the climate crisis in our imagination. It explores the multiple forms of communication adopted to represent it as well as the social and psychological processes through which we all, individually and collectively, process the information that reaches us.
The exhibition – unlike other exhibitions on the subject – is thus configured as a useful tool to raise awareness of all the linguistic and media aspects of such a dramatic and current
problem as climate change.