On February 21st Piero Piumetti presents: “Vivere bene si può” (It is possibile to have a good life), 50 psychological recipes ready to be used (Effatà Editrice)

Piero Piumetti is psychologist-psychotherapist of Consorzio Socio-Assistenziale (Province of Cuneo), a teacher of “gerontologist psychology” at IUSTO and the scientific director of Corso di Perfezionamento in Psicologia dell’Invecchiamento at IUSTO.

Here you can find useful pieces of advice for your physical and psychological health. There are called “psychological recipes” and can be followed at the same pace or changed according to the “ingredients” everyone has, by choosing the best one for the occasion. In fact, he collected some techniques, coming from different psychological trends, which can prevent and heal many common problems anyone has in their lives: anxiety, stress, fear, depression, somatizing, tics, insomnia, phobias, obsessions, dependence, happiness, couple conflicts, calm, grief, perfectionism, mental schemes, ethics, creativity, motivation, concentration.

On March 21st Girolamo Guerrisi presens: “Lete e Mnemosine”, meetings in the mythology factories (96, rue de-la-Fontaine Edizioni)

Girolamo Guerrisi is an engineer and a writer. He gives us a little contribute of the knowledge of our society: a contribute to the defence of values which are deep in the DNA of our culture. Through this book he wants to get us in contact with symbols and the many sides of mythology, which mean freedom of art and of thought, in order to plant the roots of humanism, which is the greatest common good which is not present nowadays. A trip looking for Beauty, together with the great charm of the mythologist characters.

On May 2nd Maria Pia Venezia presents: “Le nuove forme del comunicare: genitori e adolescenti nell’era dei nuovi media” (The new means of communication: parents and teenager in the era of the new media)

Maria Pia Venezia is a psychologist-psychotherapis.

If the “language is the house of the soul”, then the behaviour a person has online is the new language through which this person shows themselves to the world. The virtual aspects of one’s personality are more and more important, so is important the way the virtual world influences the growth of a teenager. Through this book she wants to give you the instruments to act as parents able to educate their children in the best possible way.