Deadline: 15th November 2015

People attending the 4th or 5th year of high school, willing to enrol at university and whose income is lower than 25.000 euros, can receive up to 8000 euros from Percorsi for payments related to studies and training and cultural activities:

–         school and university fees,

–          book purchase,

–          transport seasonal tickets,

–          school canteens,

–          purchase of tablets or PCs, etc.
Grants are related to the money saved during the project period, which will last for a maximum of six years. The amount regularly allocated each month (even just 5 euros per month) will be doubled (for secondary schools) or quadrupled (for universities).
For a better use of the available founds, during this project ,training and consulting meetings addressed to you and your family will take place.
Residence in Turin or in Turin province.
Enrolment to the 4th or 5th year in a public or comprehensive Upper secondary school that must be officially recognised (technical institutes, professional institutes, high schools).
The income has to be lower or equal to 25000 euros. If you do not have an ISEE document (Equivalent Economic Situation Index) yet, it will take you at least 10 days to obtain it by the appointed office.

Regulations and application forms with all the mandatory documents must be sent exclusively online by 15th November 2015 upon registration on the Progetto Percorsi 2015-2016 website.