Have you ever wondered what University professors do when they are not teaching? Now you can find out by listening to a podcast that narrates their lives once lectures are over, and takes a peek at their research, passions and curiosity!

Fantastic Professors and Where to Find Them has been created and produced by editorial staff at frida.unito.it, Università di Torino’s research portal. The podcast is mainly aimed at university students of today and of tomorrow and allows them to discover the behind the scenes of what their professors do. Their work does not only consist in teaching, but it is also made out of exciting challenges in contributing to the progress of human knowledge, of curious anecdotes and a lot of passion.

The personal journey of researchers at Università di Torino can also serve as inspiration for students choosing a career and deciding how to shape their future.
From the very beginning, the podcast is multidisciplinary and a fruitful contamination among different disciplines. The leitmotif of the third season is cinema: the discussion of each topic -from particle physics to gender studies, from phytopathology to artificial languages- will be accompanied by suggestions of one or more movies, creating a mutual cross-reference between cinematographic insights and more recent breakthroughs in scientific, social and humanistic research.

The podcast is hosted by Giulia Alice Fornaro, scientific journalist and editor at frida.unito.it and by Giovanni Mauriello, content creator and founder of uonnabi.
You can listen to Fantastic Professors and Where to Find Them on major distribution platforms: Spreaker / https://www.spreaker.com/show/prof-fantastici-e-dove- trovarli-s03
Spotify / https://bit.ly/prof-fantastici-podcast
Apple Podcasts / https://bit.ly/prof-fantastici-s03
And, of course, at frida.unito.it