The Edisu Announcement about scholarships, housing and awards for the academic year 2015/2016 has been published.

You can apply from 6th July.

An amount of money is given in two payments, as public contest, to students attending the Universities in Piedmont full-time or part-time (the latter can only request a scholarship if they are attending a Bachelor’s degree course); these students have to fulfil both theeconomic and credit-related requirements shown in the Announcement 2015/16.

Besides a scholarship, students residing out of town can request housing in an EDISU residence.
The bed will be assigned by EDISU and will not be chosen by the student, according to rankings which follow the same criteria used for the scholarship; at least a bed for each University is guaranteed.

Graduation Award
It is a money contribution for students who won an EDISU scholarship in the academic year 2014/15 and are obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or a single-cycle Master’s degree in the last regular year of courses by 31st July 2015.
The amount of money given is half the net amount of the scholarship obtained for the academic year 2014/15 and does not include the housing service.


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