The ranking lists for the scholarship EDISU 2020-2021 has been published. To see the outcomes, login to the Online Sevices, in the section Scholarship,
accommodation service, food service, and select ranking. Students may result winners or excluded.

If a student results winner, he or she will receive the first instalment starting from the end of
December 2020. If a student results excluded, the reason for his or her exclusion will be stated below the outcome.


All the students enrolled in an academic year following the first who have been excluded on 15 December only due to the lack of merit requirements will be included in the extraordinary ranking list which will be published on 18 December 2020 provided that financial funds are available. This ranking list will include those who, with the addition of 5 Bonus Credits Covid-19, will reach the minimum merit requirements specified in the Notice 2020/2021. The amount
of the scholarship for students with bonus credits covid-19 will be 80% of the due amount, until funds are exhausted.

Accommodation service – ranking list 18 December bonus credits covid-19
All the students included in the scholarship ranking list of 19 December 2020 who are already hosted in an EDISU residence as a result of a previous assignment can stay there.
Whereas the students excluded due to the lack of merit requirements in the accommodation service’s definitive ranking list on 21 September, can be hosted in university residences at the end of the scrolling sleeping accommodation's ranking list, only if there are places available.
Otherwise, they can receive 80% of the amount of the scholarship which includes the value of the accommodation service if they have provided a self certification of the house rental price within the terms specified in the notice.