How will the Covid-19 pandemic affect university students and the way they travel to universities, libraries or canteens?
Is it possible that a healthcare emergency should give birth to a new, positive rethinking of transportation? Has faith in the public transport system increased or decreased? Is shared mobility our future, or is it a relic of the past already? Will we eventually use private means of transportation more or less frequently?

Here you can find the link to a survey that aims to understand what is going to change in the transportation routine of the academic community after the healthcare emergency. This survey has been created by the Green Office at UniToGo and by the Italian University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS). Speaking of sustainability, Università degli Studi di Torino has signed an agreement with company Car2go (more specifically with Car2go-Sharenow) which should grant all members of the academic community a 19€ bonus, plus a 10€ traffic bonus. This has been made possible by a sharp decrease in the subscription cost to the service (normally amounting to 9€). You can find the link to register and enter your personal area here.