Are you interested in a course of study in Design or Graphics? Turin offers a wide choice of courses in this field. There are two main types of courses, one in public universities and one in private schools.

Public Schools

The Politecnico offers a three-year course in Design and Communication:
To enrol you must take the entrance test at the Politecnico.
The professionals trained in the Bachelor’s Degree course will be working as product designers and graphic and virtual designers.


Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti| Università, Scuole e Corsi

Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts offers a three-year course in Graphics and Artistic Design for Business.
To register you must take an entrance exam.
The Graphics course is intended to provide a wide range of languages and technical innovations of contemporary life.
The course in Artistic Design for Business has the objective of providing adequate technical training, particularly with regard to methods and content in the fields of Graphic Design, Advertising Communication, installations, Product Design and Fashion Design.


Private Schools

The European Institute of Design (IED) is offering highly specific training in design.
It offers three three-year courses: Product Design, Transportation Design (which is held in Italian and in English), Interior Design.
In addition, IED offers a three-year course in Graphic Design.
To access the course, you will need to undergo a motivational interview and/or language test in accordance with the specific procedures described in the admission process.

The Institute for Applied Art and Design (IAAD) has a training program that focuses on design.
The Bachelor’s degrees available include: Transportation Design, Interior design, Product design, Communication design, Digital Communication design, Textile & Fashion design, Social Innovation design.
To register you must pass the entrance test