The Admission Announcement for Scuola di Studi Superiori Ferdinando Rossi (Università degli Studi di Torino), has been published.
SSST Ferdinando Rossi is an institution of excellence and higher education for University Studies, which offers a solid interdisciplinary training, in order to give a global vision

of the present world, the society, the individuals and the nature, with the help of excellent professors from Università degli Studi di Torino and from the best Italian and foreign universities.
The fundamental values of the School based on the model of English university Colleges, are versatility and merit.

The application must be presented until September 11th 2015 in order to take part in competitive national exams wich will be held in September 21st and 22nd. For the next Academic Year will be selected thirty students, enrolled into the two classes (Human Sciences and Natural Sciences) at the 1st year of the laurea triennale (bachelor degree) and six students, enrolled into the two classes, at the 1st year of the laurea magistrale (master) or at the 4th year of the university career for the five/six-year courses (e.g. Law, Medicine).

If the criteria of attendance and profit has been met, the students of the SSST will be hosted for free in the selected Colleges of the University of Turin: University College Renato Einaudi and University Residence EDISU Cavour.

The SSST students must comply with the following didactic duties:
– Complete all exams in due time (within the academic year).
– Pass every exam with a mark not less than 24/30.
– Achieve an average mark of at least 27/30 at the end of every year.

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