The City of Turin planned for Tuesday, 12 th November, the Forum 02 of Torino Creativa.
The Forum is open to all the creative people between the age of 16 and 30, and it aims to create a community, a network, for a continuous discussion on the demand and on the needs. The topics that the Forum will cover will be the community, tools for communication, sharing opportunities, how to meet the needs of the creative world and what models to look at.

◦ 16.00 — 17.30 (Magazzino sul Po)
Welcome and networking
◦ 17.30 — 18.00 (Murazzi Student Zone)
Presentation of the Torino Creativa Project
◦ 18.00 — 19.30 (Murazzi Student Zone)
Team work on 4 themes:
The community of young male and female creative people in Turin
How to let young male and female creative people know about the opportunties we offer them
Tools to to do your job as well as possible
Models to look at for Torino Creativa
◦ 19.30 — 20.00 (Murazzi Student Zone)
Debate and conclusion
The event will take place at Murazzi Student Zone; the access is free, but seats are limited.
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