The video contest YouTo(o) has officially ended! Thanks to everyone who participated and voted the videos made to promote Turin as University City!

Tuesday, the 10th of March, 2015 the jury selected the winner videos.

The jury members were: Michele Covolan (Project Manager “Turin University City”), Luke Cipriani (web editor, Carlo Miano (communication expert), Vittorio Sclaverani (cinema expert) and Paola Cuniberti (cultural operator ).

The jury decided unanimously to award the following prizes:

1° PRIZE OF1000€ MADE BY: Beatrice Surano



2° PRIZE OF 250€ MADE BY: Tommaso Valli



3° PRIZE OF 250€ MADE BY: Zakaria El Harchy



The jury awards a special mention to: Luca Ceragioli



Among the 14 videos posted online  and voted by users on Facebook, the top 3 are:

1° PRIZE OF DI 500€ MADE BY: Gabriele Falcone

Number of votes on Facebook: 923


2° PRIZE OF 250€ MADE BY: Andrea Rizzo

Number of votes on Facebook: 867


3° PRIZE OF 250€ MADE BY: Pietro Saroglia

Number of votes on Facebook: 294