Which are the best Italian universities? The Censis, with the twentieth edition of the ranking of Italian universities, answers this question.

 The Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali, which is a socio-economic research institute founded in 1964, offers a tool which is useful to clarify the university orientation for all students who are looking for the right career of studies to pursue.

This is a rather complex analysis because it concerns public and private universities which are divided into uniform categories based on their scale. It evaluates available facilities, services, internationalization level, ability to communicate 2.0 and employability.

We are referring to 64 rankings. Let’ see the excellent positions of the universities of Torino, with the Politecnico (Polytechnic University of Turin) which ranks first for the engineering sector,

PolitecnicodiTorino  The ranking refers to bachelor’s degrees in public universities with the points they have obtained.


1. Politecnico di Torino: 104 points

2. Bergamo: 101

3. Bologna: 100.5