As reported by “moleventiquattro” newsroom, the Department of Economics, one of the most popular departments of the University of Turin, won’t have limited enrolment anymore.

This is what the university assessment commission, an internal technical body that gives non-bonding opinions, decided. The request of introducing limited enrolment again, with an entrance exam, had been made official some time ago. The well-known problem of the lack of professors had been pointed out. In fact, the number of enrolled students keeps growing, while the number of professors is constantly decreasing. This is a negative trend that has been going on for years and that forces the university leaders to think up a solution in order to band-aid the situation.

At the Università di Torino the Department of Economics hasn’t had limited enrolment for only a year. This means that there would have been immediately an about-face.

At the moment, 24 courses have the entrance exam. The Department of Community Services has unlimited enrolment for aspiring students. Last year 120 students enrolled, and it is expected that this year the number will be even higher. The hope is that there won’t be such an overcrowded number of students that the entrance exam will have to be introduced again.

Therefore, the Università di Torino made a request to the Ministry of Education in Rome. There is a need for new and many recruitments in order to solve this problem. It is no longer possible to deny students the right of attending a university department, and not even to keep on exchanging professors in order to carry on a course. We are waiting for news updates to understand what the future of many courses at the Università di Torino will be like.