The University of Turin has published the indications for the conduct of the written electronic exams starting from the next exam session. Here the detail of the complete guidelines but we point out some aspects to keep in mind.

MODALITIES → the modalities in which the writings will take place will be mainly three: Written tests in progress (exemptions, deliveries, exercises …) and integration with oral exam at the end of the course . Written exams (crosses or open questions) on the Moodle platform while videoconferencing: Moodle offers many different types of tests, which teachers can choose from, which can be carried out “live” Examination on a sheet of paper while in videoconference (Webex) and subsequent sending to the teacher of the test

CONNECTION: In case of serious internet connection problems, the teacher will evaluate an alternative way to have the test taken, for example assuming to integrate the written test with a more thorough oral test. We invite you, if there is no effective collaboration of the professor, to report it to us. ORGANIZATION: Since to carry out this type of exams the number of participants in the calls cannot be excessively high, subcommittees will be organized (of which the teachers will take care to inform you adequately ) who will examine groups of approximately 20 students.

DSA / DISABILITY: For students with DSA certification or with disabilities there are precise indications and, in any case, the reference remains the DSA and Disability Office.