The Università degli Studi di Torino obtains the second place in the GreenMetric 2019 ranking: this is an international chart based on environmental and social sustainability of university campuses.
Unito once again confirms its second place among the 29 italian universities analised. Compared to 2018, the turinese University improves its position on the international level, ranking 41 st on 780 universities.
The ranking gives a score based on the information and data, sent by universities, about the actions taken and the policies implemented to reduce consumption and enhance sustainability.
This chart takes into account indicators of:
– Infrastructure (university’s general data, green areas and budget for sustainability): 15%
– Energy (consumption and policies to reduce its impact): 21%
– Waste (treatment and recycling): 18%
– Water (preservation and recycling): 10%
– Transport (policies for sustainable mobility in universities): 18%
– Didactics and research (courses, projects and results from researches on sustainability and extension of the overall society’s knowledge):18%
In 2016 the University of Turin established the UniTo Green Office project, with the aim of promoting planning and creating actions and initiatives for more environmental sustainability in universities, also collaborating with local corporations and stakeholders.