Yesterday, a round table with the representatives of the student body has been held, focusing on the issue of the university fees due to Università di Torino. This is what was agreed:
✅ The expansion of the “no tax area” from a 13,000 € ISEE to a 20,000 € one was confirmed, in accordance
with ministerial dispositions.
✅ With an ISEE between 20,000 € and 24,000 € fees will be reduced. We have especially insisted on further
reductions for this particular ISEE category, which is still on the lower side of the scale but remains the first
one to be excluded from both the “no tax area” and eligibility criteria for regional scholarships.
✅ A reduction of fees for part-time workers, from 75% of the full-time fees for the same number of ECTS
credits to only 60%.
✅ The already minimal, merit-based differences between students with an “active” career plan and those
labelled as “inactive” due to having taken less exams than the number established in the tax regulations were
further reduced.
✅ A university CAAF (Authorized Taxation Assistance Centre) will be created, and students will be allowed to
delay the providing of their ISEE evaluation up to next year, with deadlines for default indemnities postponed
to March 2021.