We would like to bring a couple of important news to your attention:

– Departing from the academic regulations, a decree signed by the Dean will allow students to retake exams more than three times within the same academic year, without any limitations, until the current healthcare emergency is over. (Exams already without restrictions will remain so even after the emergency is over.)

– In view of the possible complications that the students will have to face in the time period following the emergency, the University has developed a plan in order to integrate new learning methods. Each lecture of every course will have to be made available online as well.

Therefore, depending on each course and student’s situation, three methods of attendance will be possible:

– Frontal lectures, in accordance with safety regulations whenever possible;

– “Blended” lectures (some lectures to be attended in lecture halls, others recorded and to be found online);

– Lectures in an integrated learning environment (a physical and virtual environment maximising student/professor interaction and practical activities).

Regardless, attendance via e-learning will be available to everyone through one of the following methods:

– Live lectures with no login required;

– Live lectures with login on Moodle.