The admission methods of the “Amazon Innovation Award” are presented on March 3rd at 4.30 p.m. at Aula Magna of Campus Luigi Einaudi (Lungo Dora Siena, 100). It is a contest all students of Turin’s universities can take part in; it is organized by the City of Turin, the University of Turin, Politecnico di Torino and Amazon.

The objective of this contest is to encourage students to stimulate their creativity and improve their ability of thinking, by finding new ideas and solutions that could be realized through advanced technologies.

Five ways to give yourself a challenge through the development of a project about the last urban mile:

  1. Send your curriculum vitae at;
  2. Create your team:
  3. Create your project;
  4. Ask a tutor for advice (there are professors of both the universities together with the Team Innovazione of the City of Turin that will be available to students, in order to help them shape their ideas)

The winners will fly to Seattle to show their project and their idea of business to Amazon’s summits.