The average evaluations of Politecnico are one of the best in Italy. Among the figures released by ANVUR we can see: Architecture in first place and Civil Engineering in second place in the ranking of the universities of big dimensions; Mathematic Sciences in second place in the ranking of university of middle dimensions; Law Sciences (represented by a few researchers but with a great scientific production) in first place and Economic Sciences and Statistics in third place in the ranking of small universities.

These results allowed the university to increase the Ordinary Financial Fund of 2016, and it’s a result that only 20% of public universities reached.

The second element that allowed the increasing in the FFO is the scientific production of the new-employed; in this field, Politecnico is in the first places in the Italian ranking. This shows the prudent and meritocratic recruiting policies of the last years, both for young researchers and for ordinary professors. In the field of Industrial and Information Engineering, Politecnico is in first place for its ability of selection of its staff in the ranking of universities of big dimensions. In the scientific areas we can find Mathematic Sciences, Architecture and Civil Engineering in the first places.

Finally, Politecnico of Turin has been mentioned this morning as “best practice” during the presentation of a report about the figures of Terza Missione (that is Technological Transfer and Public Engagement), and ranked in second place for its patenting activities and for giving value to the intellectual property.

The dean Marco Gilli says: “The results about our university are extremely positive. There are research fields which are already strengthened for what concerns their quality and their competitiveness, but other must be strengthened and supported, in order to have a faster development process. The politics of this university (both the ones of the past and the ones we will put into practice in the future) want to support these strategies and make our results better.”