According to the latest news published on the website, this year the Department of Economics won’t have limited enrolment.

Yesterday afternoon the university’s senate of the University of Turin decided that there won’t be an entrance exam to enrol in the Economics and Business Studies Department, as these two Departments had requested because they were worried about the limited number of professors and the lack of lecture rooms.

Limited enrolment was removed just over a year ago and led to a peak in the number of students enrolled, with 30% more of enrolled students. In February the two Departments, the Esomas (Department of Economic, Social, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences) and the Department of Management that have replaced the former Department of Economics and Business, proposed to impose a maximum of 350 students for the Department of Economics and 1.100 students for the Department of Business. The dean of the University of Turin Gianmaria Ajani, who launched a policy for the removal of limited enrolment, created a control room in order to avoid this possibility and managed to find 16 professors for the courses where there was a lack of them. “It hasn’t even been necessary to vote because the Department has removed the proposal. We have done a long analytical work in order to reach this solution. As regards the space problem, there will be some operations to build new lecture rooms in the medium term, and if in Autumn there won’t be enough of them, we will rent some buildings nearby”, explains Elisabetta Barberis, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Turin.

In fact, the University has approved a 4 million operation that should lead to the creation of 4.000 square meters of new lecture rooms within the end of 2018. “Our policy is to ensure high quality services and teaching without limited enrolment wherever possible”. However, the expectations approved today in the guidelines show that in 2017 there will be fewer enrolled students compared to last year. Valter Cantino, the head of the Department of Management, ensures that: “The Departments and the control room worked a lot to reach this solution, but whatever the number of students who want to enrol in the Department of Economics, we will ensure that they will all have the opportunity to do it”.