The number of Turinese students who want to study all around Europe is higher and higher: there has been a record in the numbers of appliances for the Erasmus project. Barcelona and Berlin are the most attracting destinations; Spain is the most attractive country, but also northern countries and U.K. are very often students destinations, even if with these countries it has been more difficult to establish exchange pacts since before the Brexit.

At Politecnico the Erasmus applications have reached the upper limit of 1800 as usual, while the number applications for the projects outside E.U. has redoubled and amounted to 500-600, also thanks to focused funds. These numbers have increased thanks to the politics of the University, which decided to raise its economic support for people at the lowest income brackets: it redoubled since the last year and is now 600 Euro per month.

Also the number of foreign students in the city has increased: last year 579 and this year 630 students, above all from Spain, have chosen the University of Turin. In regards to this point, the University seat of Via Po has some difficulties: according to the Osservatorio regionale per l’università (Regional Observatory of University) this seat is below the national average of international students it attracts. At the Politecnico the situation is much more better: it may be more attractive thanks to the higher number of courses in English.