Polito Techshare 2017 takes place on Tuesday March 14th 2017 at 11.45 a.m. at Sala Consiglio di Facoltà of Politecnico di Torino: more than 100 businesses have been invited and 300 one-to-one meetings between inventors and businesses are scheduled. This initiative has been organized by Politecnico di Torino and Intesa Sanpaolo to improve the collaboration between universities and businesses, in order to develop the transfer of the research results and the relationships with the Small and Medium Enterprises of the region. Politecnico and TIM, which entered this project this year, supported by Intesa Sanpaolo, Confindustria Piemonte and Unione Industriale di Torino, will offer the Italian Small and Medium Enterprises a series of licenses and technologies together with their competence, in order to accelerate the innovative projects and improve the ability of competing on an international level.

Each participating business will have the opportunity to create their daily agenda, by planning one-to-one meetings with the inventors of technologies of interest for their own business.

In addition, there will be a workshop about “Technologies Transfer and Industry 4.0”. Here you can find the program of the day:


8.30 a.m. – One-to-one meetings with the inventors

11.45 a.m. – Welcome meeting

Emilio Paolucci  Vice dean of Technologies Transfer of Politecnico di Torino

Fabio Spagnuolo  Network and Innovation Culture, Intesa Sanpaolo

12.10 a.m. – Technologies Transfer and Industry 4.0


Stefano Corgnati  Vice dean for research at Politecnico di Torino

Dario Gallina  President – Unione Industriale of Turin

Fabrizio Gea  Delegate of Agenda Digitale, Confindustria Piemonte

Luca Calò  Regional Direction of Piedmont, Liguria and Aosta Valley – Intesa Sanpaolo

Pierpaolo Marchese  Responsible for Standard Coordination and Industry Influecing

1.00 p.m. – Networking buffet

2.00 p.m. – One-to-one meetings with the inventors

5.30 p.m. – Closure