The Politecnico has opened the 2018/2019 call for student mobility (Summer Call) (Bando di concorso per mobilità degli studenti all’estero (Bando Estivo) a.a. 2018/2019 ) published with the Approval of the Executive Director n.858 of 21/06/2018 (Determina del Direttore Generale n.858 del 21/06/2018)

From: June 22, 2018 at 4 PM

To: September 12, 2018

The Call offers scholarships for the following opportunities:

  • C (Courses), CFP (Courses and Final Project), DD (Double Degree), in partner universities with which there is a specific agreement;
  • FP (Final Project) in universities, institutions, companies, research and training centres with a mobility agreement, or a proposal from the candidate;
  • TR (Traineeship) in universities (partners or others), institutions, companies, training and research centres by proposal of the candidate, in European Union countries;
  • PHD (Study during PhD) in partner universities or institutions found by the candidate (with which an agreement will be made);
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS launched for the University and public or private institutions to support specific mobility initiatives. To have the opportunity of a study, traineeship and/or final project period abroad, the student must have the requirements precisely listed in the call.


List of Attachments of the Call 

Allegato A (Attachment  A) – Table of European destinations participating in the ERASMUS+/PROGRAMME COUNTRIES Programme

Allegato A – VERSIONE AGGIORNATA (Attachment A – UPDATED) The table of ERASMUS+/PROGRAMME COUNTRIES destinations has been updated . For Territorial, Environmental, Petroleum and Mining Engineering Courses, the columns “Orientation/Address/Notes” e “Course” have been modified for the following destinations:

  • Universidad de Huelva
  • Universidad Politecnica de Madrid – Etsia
  • Aalto University
  • Miskolci Egyetem (University Of Miskolc)

Allegato B (Attachment B) – Table of extra-European destinations participating in the ERASMUS+/PARTNER COUNTRIES Programme

Allegato C (Attachment C) – Table of extra-European destinations NOT participating in the ERASMUS+ Programme

Allegato D (Attachment D) – Table of SPECIAL PROJECTS

Allegato E (Attachment E) – Academic rules for mobility

Allegato F (Attachment F) – Academic rules for mobility – Double Degree

Allegato G (Attachment G) – Summarizing table of different deadlines for all mobility initiatives

Modulo approvazione Final Project [Final Project approval form] (to be used only in the cases listed in the 3.6.1 paragraph of the Call)

Learning Agreement for studies (to be used only in the cases listed in the 3.6.2 paragraph of the Call)

Modulo richiesta crediti aggiuntivi per tirocinio [Additional credits for Traineeship request form] (to be used only in the cases listed in the 4th chapter of the Call)