The podium of 12th Start Cup Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta is dominated by the Business Incubator of the University of Turin 2I3T:

  • Panoxyvir ranks first. It is an antiviral nasal spray that can prevent and treat colds with the innovative use of oxysterols, physiological molecules that derive from the enzymatic oxidation of cholesterol. The project was developed by David Lembo, Laboratory director of molecular Virology and antiviral Research – Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences of Orbassano; Giuseppe Poli, Laboratory director of Pathology – Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences of Orbassano; together with the two PhDs who have contributed to the discovery: Andrea Civra, PhD, a virologist, currently postdoc at the University of Turin and Valeria Cagno, PhD, virologist, currently a bursar at the University of Geneva.
  • The Second place goes to the R3Cube project, a professional appliance, meant for small healthcare professionals (dentists, veterinarians, etc.), that, thanks to a patented technology, sterilizes and compacts hazardous waste at the place and at the same time as professionals produce it, turning it into fuel rich in energy.The fourth place belongs to the
  • NIB Biotec, a research project conducted by the Laboratory of Immunology of cancers of CeRMS, AOU Città della Salute e della Scienza di Torino (City of Health and of Science of Turin), that developed methods and tools to optimize the screening of prostate cancer and reduce unnecessary biopsies.