Yesterday January 30th 2017 the multi-year Partnership that allows and regulates important collaborations between the University of Turin and SMAT (Water services society of Turin).

This partnership will be focused mostly on those sectors linked with water services like the production and distribution of drinkable water, the recycling of wastes through sewers and the sewage disposal through purification plants.

Taking part in international projects means also an advantage in the placement politics of both agencies. SMAT and the University of Turin want to act together in the creation of partnership networks at an international level and in the organization of institutional events to promote the scientific, technologic and business culture at a local level.

This partnership is one of the initiatives about the environment organized by the University of Turin, which has dealt with the Rapporto di sostenibilità (Report about sustainability) about wastes, water and energy since 2014 and with researches and formative activities about environmental objectives the University is following for the sustainable development and the management of the local area.

The partnership between the two agencies will help focus on environmental questions and develop the broadcasting of this information to the citizens.