You have 3 minutes to tell as many years of study and research to an audience of non-specialists. The doctoral research, carried out on a daily basis by doctoral candidates of the Politecnico, is the protagonist.

This was the challenge of “My Research in 3 Minutes“, that was held on 21st November at the Ph.D Graduation Ceremony for Research Doctors of the PolitecnicoJyotishman Ghosh, Ph.D student of the third year in Mechanical Engineering won the top prize of 1.500 Euro with the presentation “Four wheel steering: Drive like Lewis Hamilton!“; the second place went to the project “Vibration control and mitigation in turbomachinery” by Eleonora Gastaldi, Ph.D student of the third year in Aerospace Engineering. On the third step of the podium there’s instead Daniele Jahier Pilone, second year doctoral student in Computer and Systems Engineering, who was awarded the third prize of 500 euro with the thesis “Energy-efficient approximate computing“.

The three winners prevailed over a shortlist of six finalists – the best students of the sixty ones who were presented in the pre-selection phase – , who however had the opportunity to exhibit their thesis projects in front of a jury of science journalists and disseminators, including Stefano Bagnasco (INFN and CentroScienza), Piero Bianucci (science journalist, founder of Tuttoscienze of La Stampa) and Claudia Pregno (TG Leonardo – RAI-3).