Università degli Studi has launched a Master’s in “Religious Studies and Intercultural Mediation” that will begin in April 2020 and finish in December 2020. The aim is to teach fundamental knowledge and specific methodological approaches concerning the different subjects that study the religious phenomenon from an historical, philosophical, anthropological, sociological, politological and legal point of view.
You can choose between the following courses:

·A theoretical and historical path, focused on providing skilled expertise on various religious ideas, practices and beliefs, and on interreligious relations concerning both doctrinal and historical presuppositions, and how they are concretely carried out in different geographical and cultural areas.

·An intercultural mediation path, focused on providing skilled expertise on understanding coexistence dynamics among different religious beliefs and on managing the tools to handle issues matters relating to the practices of intercultural mediation, according to different scientific approaches.

The Master’s is aimed at those doing social work or carrying out activities during which they are faced with the many themes concerning coexistence among different religious beliefs.
Pre-enrolment is open from 7 th January 2020 to 7 th February 2020.
For further information please visit the web site and consult the brochure.