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Some useful information for your everyday life: University canteens, wi-fi areas, emergency numbers, laws for alcohol consumption regulation and all information about electrical outlets.









Counseling Services
Several universities and courses offer free of charge counseling services to their students. These services aim to help them to overcome the personal problems that are making difficult their academic path. It’s also to help the students to face social integration issues, anxious moments, stress, and problems due to a non adequate academic choice, that could make them confused and lost about their interests and motivation.

Università degli studi di Torino

Collegio Einaudi

Ti.Ascolto: Psychological Support, Counseling and Psycotherapy


Anti-violence counseling office of Università degli Studi

Università degli Studi in collaboration with Centri Antiviolenza E.M.M.A. onlus will provide a counseling office for women who are experiencing or have experienced violence.
Theoffice is open every Thursday:
from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm at the Main Hall of the Einaudi Campus with an information space
from 5 pm to 7 pm with private counseling



EDISU | AgevolazioniUniversity Canteens

Edisu offers Piedmont university students the opportunity to access catering service at discounted rates. On the food service section of EDISU website you will find the list of canteens and food services available in town at reduced prices (according to convention with Edisu).




In collaboration with AemNet, Turin offers internet free access in some areas. For more information visit the Website





Useful numbers

In case of emergencies you can call the following numbers:

118 Health emergency 

It is the emergency telephone number for emergency medical service, which organizes assistance service operations and it provides all the information required.

113 Public assistance

If you need to call the Polizia di Stato (Police Force) or the Polizia Stradale (Traffic Police), contact it in case of accidents or serious traffic problems.

112 Carabinieri 

Alternatively to Police you can call the Carabinieri number with similar roles to the Polizia.

115 Firefighters

In case of fire or serious emergencies people, animals or goods in danger, you can call the Fire Brigade..

117 Italian Finance Police

It is essentially responsible for dealing with financial crime and smuggling; it has also evolved into Italy’s primary Corps for suppressing the drugs trade, forgery and illegal labour.

1522 Anti-violence women

Woman anti-violence number is managed by the State Department of Equal Opportunities, it is aimed at providing assistance and supporting women victims of violence.




Date and time

In Italy the form for dates is in order “day/month/year”, using a slash.

Examples: 18 luglio 2016, or 18/07/2016 or 18/07/16

Turin adopts the Central European Time (CET), one hour ahead of the Tempo Coordinato Universale (Coordinated Universal Time) (UTC+1). In Summer all European countries adopt Daylight savings time (moving clocks another hour forward), turning into Fuso Orario (Time Zone) UTC+2, Central European Summer Time.



Electrical outlet

In Italy the electrical outlets are L-type (three holes aligned) and the voltage is 220V with a frequency of 50 Hz. Charging your phone or using other electronic devices could not be immediate: make sure you have an adapter, which makes adequate both the shape of plug and the voltage.


Alcohol consumption

In Italy it is forbidden to sell alcohol to someone under the age of 18, both the consumption on the premises or to go. The barman or the clerk of the supermarket are entitled to ask you to submit a document to prove your age.