“#hackUniTO for Ageing: project for the matching between research and institutes” takes place on February 27th at 4 p.m. at Sala Lauree Rossa in Campus Luigi Einaudi of Turin (Lungo Dora Siena 100 A). This is the second event about the evaluation of research on healthy and active ageing promoted by the University of Turin and supported by Compagnia di San Paolo.

On this occasion the partners of this initiative show the results of their analysis on the matching between research and institutes and their 284 projects, uploaded by 825 researchers on the operating system.

Partners who speak are: Fabrizio Conicella (BioPMed) Laura Morgagni (Cluster) Riccardo Rosi (Mesap), Massimo Rusconi (Federmanager Torino) and Gian Paolo Zanetta (A.O.U.). Deans and delegates are present as well.

Before the meeting you can take part in the workshop “La regolamentazione della collaborazione tra ricercatrici/ricercatori e imprese” (Collaboration between researchers and institutes) from 2 to 3.45 p.m., where there are the representatives of the evaluation of research and technological transfer, coming from the 29 universities which in April 2016 joined the mission/network #hackUniTO for Ageing. The objective is to set new action politics and legal support, which can be shared by academies, public administration, institutes and supporters of research, according to the innovative model of Knowledge Interchange.