Starting from next year, around 10 thousand students enrolled in Politecnico di Torino can benefit from the GTT Card and up to 22 thousand free Museums Cards.

All this is allowed by a booming balance of Politecnico di Torino: for this reason, starting from next year all the students who take the exams constantly can take advantage of two new free services.

This is what the board of directors of Politecnico have decided today. The first new aspect is the amount of the dues the students will have to pay to Politecnico: “We think that there will be 2,5 million Euros earnings less than the last years, and it is an advantage for our students to reorganise the dues system”, says the vice-dean Anita Tabacco.

The second new aspect is about the “welfare package”, in which Politecnico is going to invest 2,3 million Euros. The free yearly pass GTT will be given to all the students with a familiar income under 30.500 per year; there are no limitations upon the Museums Cards, instead. To benefit from any of these two services, the students have to make a specific request and award a minimum number of credits. These are the minimum requirements defined in the last stability law: the new enrolled students (both in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) can benefit from these two services immediately, while the students who attend the second year have to have gotten at least 10 credits and the ones of the third year at least 25 credits over the last 12 months.

“We had had the package “Vivitorino” for years and it was used only by a small range of students. After that experience, we have decided to extend this opportunity to all students, enabling them to live our city at best and to enjoy the museums of Turin”, explains the vice-dean Tabacco.