The official announcement of the entrance test to medical graduate schools has been published.
– The entrance test has been scheduled on September 22 nd.  It will consist of 140 multiple-choice questions to
be solved within 210 minutes. A maximum of 7 points will be awarded for pre-existing qualification/diplomas.
– Candidates will be able to register for the test on the website starting from July 28 th until
August 6 th at 3:00 pm.
– The locations hosting the test will be announced before September st , 2020.
– Each candidate will have the option to select any number of the listed grad schools once between October 5
th -9 th 2020. Official designations to each school will be published on October 12 th .
– Enrolment procedures should be completed by 12:00 am on October 20 th , 2020. Reallocations will start from
October 28 th .
Courses are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, 30 th December 2020.
⚪ Admission requirements ⚪
▶ Having graduated by September 16 th and having passed the qualifying exam to exercise the medical
profession by the beginning of courses (December 30 th )
▶ Not being enrolled on a general medical practice course (CFSMG) when taking the admission test.
Here are some recent changes to the rules:
Doctors applying to general medical practice courses will be allowed to “participate in entrance tests to
medical graduate schools for doctors only after their general medical practice course has ended, or alternatively
they will be allowed to participate if they renounce the aforementioned course, discontinuing it prematurely”.
The ceiling of 3 schools max to be chosen as preferences when registering for the test has been removed.
The new rules allow for the “widest choice range” possible, instead.
Express indication of the number of available spots for each listed school has also been removed.