The call for applications for scholarships, accommodation services and graduation grants by EDISU Piemonte is now online!
Here you will find some of the changes recently introduced to the rules of application.
This year, applications for scholarships and accommodation and those for scholarships only will have
separate procedures to follow. This will affect, more specifically:

● openings of the procedures of application for scholarships and accommodation and for
scholarships only
1️⃣  Students will still have the opportunity to be included in the ranking lists published on March 15 th ,
2021 in case of exclusion from the definitive list published on December 15 th , 2020. Failure to register
and/or failure to provide complete consular documentation within the deadline for appeals to the temporary
lists for accommodation (September 15 th ) or scholarship assignment (November 20 th ) count as grounds for
the aforementioned exclusion.
2️⃣  Students will be allowed to confirm/reaffirm the financial figures declared for the academic year
2019-2020 in case the lockdown caused by the healthcare emergency makes it unduly difficult to procure
the up-to-date consular documentation.

In the Ministerial Decree signed on May 9 th , 2020 it was decreed that the maximum value for the ISEE and ISPE indexes should be increased to € 23,626.32 and € 51,361.58 respectively. Starting from next year, further changes will also be introduced (see Article 5 about the quantification of scholarships (“IMPORTI BORSE DI STUDIO”) in the aforementioned call for applications):

– Students included in the ranking list for the academic year 2019-20 published on June 30 th , 2020,
who have not provided their self-declaration of residence in consideration and have therefore been
assigned their scholarships as commuter students, will be allowed to apply for confirmation not
only of their scholarship but also of their accommodation.

– Students who could not be granted their due accommodation at Collegio Einaudi due to the
lockdown will also be allowed to apply for confirmation of said accommodation, granted they are
assigned accommodation at the same structure for the academic year 2020-21.

– Given the present uncertainties over the organization of future international exchange programmes
due to the possibility of new emerging healthcare crises, the Call for Applications 2020-21 will
not include rules and regulations governing the additional contribution of international mobility to
projects starting in the academic year 2021-22. This will instead be disciplined by a different,
specific call for application expected to be approved and published in March 2021.