Are you planning on focusing your academic path on cinema or theatre? Turin offers several classes to learn more about cinema, theatre and music.

Public school

Università degli Studi offers a degree in DAMS (Arts, Music and Theatre and Cinema). This course will prepare students for a career in cinema, art or theatre with classes that will tightly combine history and modernity through an approach both theoretic and practical.
Admission to this three-year degree is open only to those who took the TARM (however it is not necessary to have passed it) before enrollment.


Politecnico offers a degree in Cinema and Media Engineering. This course combines practical and technological knowledge of Engineering with elements linked to media and cultural industries.
Admission to this course is possible only after taking the Politecnico admission test. 



Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti offers two interesting three-year degrees for those who wishes to pursue a career in theatre or cinema:
Scenography, the course aim is to offer an appropriate and technical training in scenography, staging, costumes in theatre.
Communication and Enhancement of the Contemporary Artistic Heritage, the course aim is to give full competence of the methods and techniques used in media to intervene specifically in all the activities and processes of improving                                              availability, knowledge and understanding of the contemporary cultural property.
Admission to these three-year degrees is possible only after taking the admission test.


Conservatorio Statale Giuseppe Verdi offers a wide range of three-year courses that entail one or more main subjects in this field.
Admission to the Academic Courses Level I of all subjects requires a certification “C” of Theory,
Rhythmics and Musical Perception or a diploma of the old system in Theory and Solfège or demonstration of an equivalent preparation.


Private schools


From this year the Holden Academy offers a three-year degree in Writing, equivalent to the degree in DAMS.
The course aim is to train mental abilities that we need to live in the world today through the action of writing.
Admission is possible only after taking the admission test.