Friday, 16th March 2018, APEnet, the Italian network of the Universities and Research Institutes for the Public Engagement, has been presented in the “Sala degli affreschi” (Fresco Hall) of the CRUI (the Conference of the Deans of the Italian Universities). The occasion was the Workshop “Destination Public Engagement #2”, which has been organized in cooperation with the ANVUR, the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems.

The network has been developed from a proposal made during the first step of the Workshop, which has been organised by the Università degli Studi di Torino in December 2015 and which involved 100 representatives from 28 Universities and Research Institutes from all over Italy. In February 2017, the university of Turin implemented the proposal, launching the endorsement to APEnet, which now includes 36 universities and 2 research institutes.

Similarly to what happened in other European countries, APEnet has been created in order to support Universities and Research Institutes as long as the sharing and the enhancement of programs, aims and initiatives for the Public Engagement are concerned. The Public Engagement is an internationally recognised new and effective didactic method, based on the sharing of the research results and on the involvement of researchers, industries, policymakers, school students and citizens.

The challenge which the University has to address as a place of knowledge is to ensure that the production of knowledge and innovation becomes an inclusive process shared with the community.

The so-called “Terza Missione” (third mission) is now structured around a strong commitment to social responsibility and to the focusing on the land.

In particular, APEnet aims are:

  • contributing to the enhancement and the evaluation of the initiatives of Public Engagement, in cooperation with the different institutional players of the Italian university system (MIUR, CUN, CRUI, ANVUR, etc.)
  • sensitising, training and briefing the (research and technical-administrative) staff of the Universities and the Research Institutes
  • sharing and promoting national and international experiences
  • developing a common and shared platform for promoting, monitoring and evaluating the initiatives of the Public Engagement
  • enhancing and developing the presence of the Public Engagement in the university programmes (degree courses and doctorates)
  • fostering the research about the themes of the Public Engagement

Here you can find the list of the universities and of the research institutes which are members of APEnet elenco degli Atenei e degli Istituti di Ricerca membri di APEnet.

For further information: Andrea De Bortoli

Università di Torino – Resp. Valorizzazione Della Ricerca e Public Engagement – Agorà Scienza.

Tel. 011 6702738

Email: publicengagement@unito.it